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About Us

Through BEAUTY,
ART & CONSCIOUSNESS we can not only help you make your mark, but help you make your mark on the community.

Heron Mark gives you a beautiful space to openly collaborate ideas and create the most stunning and original tattoo in a clean relaxing environment. Please stop in and our staff will help you choose images, place you with a tattoo artist and set up an appointment.


We also believe deeply in the idea of building a community that gives back. We will donate 1% of all profit to local organizations in need, every year.

Our space is not just a tattoo shop but also a place to gather for art and charity events for conscious business people to network, collaborate and purchase art.


Heron Mark Tattoo is Ashevilles premium tattoo space that strives for creative and technical excellence. Our goal is to work closely with you to ensure you have a stunning piece of art that you will be proud to wear. We are able to work with all kinds of photos and images. You do not have to have your final tattoo design in-hand when you walk in. We will use all types of medium from a photograph, a digital file from the internet, flash art or even a friends artwork. We love to collaborate so come in with your ideas, let us enhance your vision. 


Really, your inspiration should have no boundaries. Call to set up a consultation today.


We at Heron Mark Tattoo support not only the tattoo arts but all kinds of mediums and artist themselves. We believe art is a vital part of what can bring a community together to inspire change and action. So we have dedicated a portion of our space to display artwork of all kinds to help support local artists. Contact us for more details on how to get your stuff on our walls or even set up a show!


The Shop

Create abundance to support thy self, then give back to the world, from a full cup.


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