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Heron Mark Tattoo & Gallery is excited to offer Tooth Gems! Swarovski Tooth Gems are adhered to your teeth with the same material used to affix brackets from braces, and cured with a UV light. These are Temporary, No Harm, No Drilling and Non-Invasive. They usually last 3-6 months or more, and are easily removed by your dentist with normal cleaning. We currently offer Swearovski gems in clear and other color options. We also have 14k gold options. We can also set you up with a special arrangement by making a spacial order! Our gem options start at $45 for the first gem and $25 for each additional gem. 14k Gold options start at $100 and are available in house or by custom order. Contact Heron Mark Tattoo & Gallery to set up your appointment.

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Tooth Gems_2.jpg
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