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Heron Mark is dedicated to give you the best tattoo experience. We want you to be comfortable in knowing we only have the most knowledgeable artists with an extensive education on hygiene standards. We really care about giving you the custom tattoo that you've always dreamed of.


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Billy Mizejewski Asheville tattoo artist

Billy is an accomplished artist that has over 16 years of tattoo expertise under his belt. His love and dedication to the art and mastery of tattooing has lead him to open his second shop, Heron Mark, in Asheville, NC. Billy has a very extensive breath of work but is best know for his lush painterly tattoos that drip with color and texture.


In his time off Billy really enjoys off mountain biking, traveling and getting involved in his community. Being adventurous, charitable and socially conscious is a huge part of his business mantra and who he is as a person. These traits show through into his work and you really couldn't meet a more compassionate and talented fella. 

Check out some of Billy's artwork

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Anthony Pulitano Asheville tattoo artist

Anthony is a classically trained professional painter and draftsman who has been creating art since he could hold a pencil. With a deep love of the old masters from Da Vinci to Rembrandt to Bouguereau, he brings his subjects to life in illustration and classical oil painting.


Born in Wappingers Falls, New York, he studied illustration at Ringling College of Art & Design and classical technique in Florence, Italy. Anthony also enjoys teaching group figure drawing classes and individuals. When he's not making art, you can find him around town in Asheville, North Carolina, enjoying craft coffee, at the farmers' market, or at home reading books and listening to records. 

Check out some of Anthony's work

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Chris Sheehan is an artist, author and professional tattooer of 15 years. He sees tattooing as a spiritual technology for personal evolution and creates transformational tattoos to inspire his clients to connect with their infinite nature.

“A transformational tattoo has the capacity to connect you with your infinite nature through the universal language of sacred geometry which is intrinsically attractive because it alters our consciousness when we look at it.”

Chris specializes in black and grey/ dot work tattooing integrating mandalas, sacred geometry and ornamental nature inspired elements into his work.


Check out some of Chris's work 

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Nikki Headshot.jpg

Nikki G is a well established tattoo artist from the far off land of smashing through folding tables, Buffalo, NY baby! Most tattoo artists choose this life, but the tattoo life chose Nikki G at the young age of 21. With no art background of any kind, she has proven hard work will get you everywhere.


She is known for black and grey realism heavily inspired by nature elements. She is so grateful and appreciative of her clients, and all the artists she's met along the way.

Check out some of Nikki's work

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Brooke is an artist with a naturalist’s heart. Her creative mission is to adorn and celebrate the human body while prioritizing a safe, communicative, and uplifting space. 


Born in Northern California, she studied Art and Environmental Biology at Humboldt State University. She is a self-taught tattooer, moved and motivated by the act of sharing a deeply transformational art form with others. Now she integrates her appreciation for all things growing and decomposing with her lifetime of illustration and printmaking to create detail oriented and highly intentional tattoos. Specializing in fine line work, black and greyscale, and illustrative tattoos, she enjoys working with all subject matter from species-specific flora and fauna to imagined dreamscapes.

Check out some of Brookes' work

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Tanner is a new up and coming artist here at Heron Mark Tattoo. He was carved from ice in his homeland of MN. This individual had little artistic abilities, but through hard work and guidance has shown that the desire to learn and grow will outperform gifted talents. 


Tanner's adventurous personality and ambitious work ethic is what drew him into the world of tattooing. When he is not tattooing you can find him fly fishing in the rivers, climbing on cliff faces, or wrenching on his motorcycle. Tanner enjoys doing all styles and is the wizard of walk-ins.  

Check out some of Tanners' work

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